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Bulk Storage Racks

Bulk Storage Racks In storage areas where goods are being handled manually rather than stored on pallets, Bulk Storage Racks is used. Bulk Storage Rack generally has lower capacity ratings than pallet rack. Since bulk storage racks are used in hand picking applications, smaller aisles are required, generally 3 to 4 ft. The heights of the racks are such that they can be reached by hand. However, taller racks can be accessed with rolling safety ladders or a catwalk system. However, when storing heavy products that are still being manually handled, some users opt for storing the products on pallet rack with rack decking.

Rack specifically designed for non-palletized bulk storage are:
Mini-Pallet Rack or Wide Span shelving
Rivet Rack
Industrial Metal Shelving
Modular Cabinets

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